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Syndrome - admit

This  patient presents with symptoms consistent with syncope, most likely due to  . Differential diagnosis includes  reflex syncope (i.e. vasovagal syncope). Low suspicion for orthostatic syncope given lack of dehydration, no evidence of acute life threatening hemorrhage. Presentation not consistent with seizures given short time course, no postictal state, no seizure activity. Low suspicion for acute neurologic catastrophes to include ICH given lack of trauma, risk factors for bleeding diatheses. Low suspicion for vascular catastrophes to include PE, thoracic aortic dissection, AAA rupture. Presentation not consistent with acute life threatening arrhythmia, structural heart disease, electrical conduction abnormalities, or ACS (HEART score:  ). However, given age, cardiovascular risk factors, history & physical, will workup and admit to telemetry.

Plan: labs, troponin, CXR, EKG, serial reassessment

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