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Gallstones - low risk

This patient presents with abdominal pain, most consistent with acute, uncomplicated biliary colic. Bedside ultrasound demonstrating visible gallstones without overt signs of cholecystitis (thickened GB wall, pericholecystic fluid, CBD dilatation). Patient is afebrile and not jaundiced or altered, lowering my suspicion for cholangitis. Presentation not consistent with acute pancreatitis at this time. Low suspicion for bowel obstruction, viscus perforation, vascular catastrophe, or atypical appendicitis. Presentation not consistent with other acute, emergent causes of abdominal pain at this time. Plan for formal RUQ U/S to evaluate gallbladder pathology.

Plan: labs, LFTs, lipase, RUQ U/S , pain control, supportive care, serial reassessment

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