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Seizure - general

This patient presents with symptoms consistent with acute seizure, most likely due to  . I considered, but think less likely, secondary etiologies of epileptic seizures to include drug / toxin etiologies (ETOH, stimulants, medication side effects), metabolic disturbances (glucose, Na), acute CNS infections (meningitis, encephalitis, abscess), ICH / tumor / CVA. Presentation not consistent with non-epileptic type seizure to include syncope, neurologic etiologies (vertebrobasilar insufficiency, movement disorder, migraine), impact seizure related to head trauma.

Plan: BZDs, labs , CT brain , seizure precautions, Neurology consult , reassess


Consider nonconvulsive status: persistent change in behavior that lasts 30 minutes after a seizure. Look for positive symptoms (twitching, eye deviation, jerking) and negative (aphasia, catatonia, mutism). Many patients will just not respond. Think about this in head trauma patients with a decreased GCS and a negative initial CT. Also consider this in a “septic” altered patient with a borderline positive UA that isn’t that convincing.

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