Our pricing




The basics for starting with Dilato.

  • 20 template uses per month
  • Basic fields in templates
  • Shortcuts to trigger templates
  • Works in any EMR
  • Windows and Mac apps
  • Upgrade only when you need it



Best for those who want the most from Dilato.

  • All features from free
  • Unlimited templates
  • Advanced fields in templates
  • Access to our template library
  • Sync templates to Dilato Cloud
  • Works offline
  • Sharing templates
  • Web application
  • Email priority support
  • 14% discount when paid yearly

Group Plus


Best for clinics and organizations.

Discount starting with the sixth user. First five users billed at $29/month.
  • All features from Plus for all users
  • Centralized billing
  • More payment methods (if yearly)
  • Distribution with GPO and proxy
  • Team sharing
  • Email priority support

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our support team.

Does Dilato need integration with my EMR?

Dilato will work out-of-the box with your EMR. This is what makes Dilato so easy to use. Download Dilato, select a template or type a shortcut, click "Send to EMR" and it will magically appear in your EMR. Try it to believe it!

Are your templates really compatible with all EMRs and EHRs?

Sure. When you use a template and click on "Insert", Dilato generates a text note and pastes it into your EMR. This means it can be copied to any text field in your EMR. In fact, Dilato works in any app on your computer (Google Chrome, email apps, Evernote, Microsoft Office...)

Which language do you support?

The app is available in English and French. To change language, click the Settings button then select your language.

Can I cancel my paid plan at any time?

Yes. From the time we are notified you wish to stop your paid plan, we won’t charge you anymore. No questions asked!

Do you have a discount for multiple users?

Yes we do! With centralized billing, all users are on the same invoice. Contact us to learn more.