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Dilato is a premium documentation platform that makes it easy for physicians to write notes by clicking through templates.

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Dilato logoUrinary Infection — Dilato
Urinary Infection template in the Dilato desktop app
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Wellness Visit template in the Dilato desktop app

Templates designed the way physicians think

Discover the ultimate charting experience that will make you complete your clinical notes with speed and accuracy.

Create notes from clicks

Click to include in the note; leave out what isn't relevant. Dilato generates the note based on your selections, dismissing any untouched gray parts.

Pick among choices

Select one or many choices from buttons. Dilato’s adaptive templates allow you to create notes that precisely reflect each patient visit.

Make any tweaks

Click blue texts to open a dropdown and change choices. Edit text just like in a text editor. You can easily fine-tune any details to accurately report visits.

Negate symptoms quickly

Report negative symptoms with a single click. Effortlessly document reviews of systems, verify contraindications, or indicate absent findings on examination.

Kickstart with 300+ templates

Get started in minutes with our extensive library of high-quality templates. Save those you like and easily customize them to your style.

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8,100+ physicians trust Dilato

  • Long live Dilato, what a useful application!!! Thanks

    Dr. Jean-Philippe Lacroix, Dermatogist
  • Dilato is absolutely amazing! I’m a family physician and I use this product for charting and note storage. I regret not knowing about such a product sooner as it has made me so much more efficient and has turned charting into much less of a chore.

    Dr. Adam Choquette-Fuks, Family physician
  • Very satisfied with Dilato! A fast and efficient app for clinical notes.

    Dr. Karine Fortier, Family physician
  • One of the best medical tools, with hundreds of templates, customizable to fit your own medical practice. [...] Easy-to-use and complete, easy to share, easy creation….. easy-going… just amazing.

    Dr. Doina Sitaru, Family physician
  • I have been using Dilato from the start. I regularly add templates, so that nothing is missing from my questionnaires and exams. This can seem automatic, but my records are thorough. A tool I cannot do without. With the exponential amount of medical knowledge nowadays, it's expected physicians know everything perfectly. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Dilato can help close this gap, if we put some energy into adapting templates to our needs. We can also share templates with friends.

    Dr. Paulo Lopes, Family physician, Mont-Royal Medico-Center
  • I love Dilato, it saves me a lot of time in my work days! I recommend it to all healthcare professionals :)

    Julie S., Nurse
  • Great app. Increases speed to make full and detailed notes.

    Krystelle R., RN
  • Dilato allows you to have a full note in a short time.

    Mylène L., RN
  • I have been using the app since the arrival of EMRs, I couldn't do without it.

    Dr. Marie-Claude Dionne, Family physician
  • Dilato allows you to make better and faster notes!

    Dr. Maude Allard, Dermatologist
  • Dilato allows the creation of templates for multiple uses. Whether in my EMR or in the hospital EHR, it follows me in all areas of my practice!

    Dr. Marie-Andrée Savard, Family physician
  • I recommend Dilato to every doctor! Dilato has helped me a lot with finishing my notes quickly. I couldn't work without it anymore. Recommend it 100%. It's fast to get started, so you save time right away. The process of creating templates is easy. I love their dropdowns and boxes I can check. My EMR also has templates but I prefer to use Dilato, because it's simpler to build templates and I can insert dot phrases in any fields in the EMR.

    Dr. Emilie Thibault, Family physician

Shortcuts & One-click transfer to the EMR

Dilato works seamlessly with any EMR. Shortcuts allow you to pull Dilato templates from any app on your computer. Then, transfer the note back to the EMR in a single click.

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Everything you need for charting

Pull templates from any app

Quickly find your Dilato templates from any application using a single hotkey. No need to leave your EMR and interrupt your workflow.

Search window

Make Dilato your second brain

The vast amount of medical knowledge and guidelines is overwhelming. Store everything you need to remember in Dilato templates so that they support you at the point of care. Your knowledge at fingertips for improved clinical decisions.

Work anywhere

Dilato works wherever you do. Your templates seamlessly sync across Windows, Mac, and Web. No physician should have their templates locked into a single EMR system.

Compatible with Windows, macOS and web browsers

Ensure security netting

Never let key details slip through the cracks. Templates act as checklists and reminders, ensuring your patient assessments are always thorough.

Dilato acting as a visit checklist

Boost revenue

With Dilato, you can increase your revenue by 12% or $36,000 per year on average. Experience significant financial benefits that translate to a 100x return on investment.

Comply with documentation rules

With Dilato, you are sure your notes are always thorough, legal-proof, and compliant with billing.

Share across your team

Built for teams of any size. Share templates with colleagues and get inspired by theirs. Align your team to ensure consistent documentation across your practice.

Share with friends and colleagues

Keep your data safe and secure

HIPAA compliant. Dilato ensures patient confidentiality by never storing identifiable information, giving you peace of mind.

Leverage organizations features

Access enterprise-ready features like GPO deployment, proxy support, centralized billing, onboarding, and usage monitoring.

Notes finalized before your patients

Dr. Charles Tanguay

As a physician, I understand the exhausting hours spent on daily charting. That's why I created Dilato—to help you quickly finish notes that are always complete and accurate. With Dilato, you can enjoy a seamless documentation experience. Try the difference yourself.

Dr. Charles Tanguay
Founder of Dilato
53%less time spent on charting
5.1 hoursa week saved on average
56Ktemplates used every week
234Ktemplates created by our users

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