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Against medical advice

This patient has elected to leave against medical advice. In my opinion, the patient has capacity to leave AMA. The patient is clinically sober, free from distracting injury, appears to have intact insight and judgment and reason, and in my opinion has capacity to make decisions. I explained to the patient that his symptoms may represent  and the patient verbalized understanding of my concerns.

I had a discussion with the patient about their workup and results, and that they may still have  despite  . I informed the patient that the next step in diagnosis and treatment would be  , and they verbalized understanding of this as well. I explained the risks of leaving without further workup or treatment, which included reasonably foreseeable complications such as death, serious injury, permanent disability, and  . I also offered alternatives to departing AMA such as assigning the patient a different provider or an alternate workup pathway.

The patient is refusing any further care, specifically  , and is leaving against medical advice. I am unable to convince the patient to stay. I have asked them to return as soon as possible to complete their evaluation, and also explained that they were welcome to return to the ER for further evaluation whenever they choose. I have asked the patient to follow up with their primary doctor as soon as possible. I have answered all their questions. Patient   AMA paperwork.

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