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This is a  pt presenting with abdominal pain, +fever, +myalgias, +diarrhea, and nausea most consistent with viral gastroenteritis.  sick contacts with similar symptoms. Differential includes invasive/toxic diarrhea, sepsis, influenza, along with the far less likely surgical etiologies such as volvulus, appendicitis, malro, and SBO. No change in diet or abnormal exposures. No known stagnant water exposure, recent camping/hiking. No dietary history or bloody BM’s suggestive of B. Cereus, S. Aureus, or other invasive bacterial enteric pathogens. Pt with good capillary refill (<2 sec), MMM, and is nonseptic in appearance. Clinically is not dehydrated. Unlikely to represent unusual manifestation of UTI, GERD, partial or complete anatomical obstruction, or other acute abdomen. Pt tolerating PO rehydration and is very well-appearing.

Plan: Presumed self-limited etiology; plan to DC home with return precautions and oral rehydration education.

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