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General Appearance: alert, no apparent distress, appropriately interactive with examiner

Skin: no lesions, no jaundice

Head/Fontanelles: normocephalic, AF x , RR normal bilaterally

EENT: conjunctiva clear, nares patent, normal oral mucosa, ears normal placement, TM’s clear bilaterally

Neck: full range of motion

Lungs: CTA bilaterally, no adventitious breath sounds

CV: normal S1, S2, RRR without murmur normal femoral pulses

Abdomen: soft, no hepatosplenomegaly or masses

Extremities: no deformities

Hips: negative Barlow/Ortolani, > 60° abduction

Genitourinary: Male: testes descended, circ/uncirc // Female: normal external genitalia

Neurologic: moves all extremities symmetrically, normal tone, responds to clap, positive moro, grasp/suck/root/toe grasp

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