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Chest pain - low risk

This patient presents with chest pain, with symptoms suggestive of noncardiac chest pain. History without high risk features (e.g., not substernal, no exertional component, not relieved with rest,  ).

Minimal CAD risk factors (including age), recent negative stress test (<2 years). Exam without evidence of volume overload. EKG without signs of active ischemia. HEART score:  . Given the timing of pain to ER presentation, plan to send single troponin // delta troponin to evaluate for NSTEMI. Presentation not consistent with acute PE (Wells low risk  // PERC negative ), pneumothorax, thoracic arotic dissection, cardiac effusion or tamponade.

Plan: labs, troponin , EKG, CXR, ASA , pain control, serial reassessment

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