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Irritable bowel syndrome Hx

Patient complains of  over the last .

Patient has recurrent abdominal pain (≥1 day per week, on average, in the pre- vious 3 mo), with an onset ≥6 mo before diagnosis

Abdominal pain is associated with at least two of the following three symptoms:

Pain related to defecation

Change in frequency of stool

Change in form (appearance) of stool

Patient has none of the following warning signs:

Age ≥50 yr, no previous colon cancer screening, and presence of symptoms

Recent change in bowel habit

Evidence of overt GI bleeding (i.e., melena or hematochezia)

Nocturnal pain or passage of stools

Unintentional weight loss

Family history of colorectal cancer or inflammatory bowel disease

Palpable abdominal mass or lymphadenopathy

Evidence of iron-deficiency anemia on blood testing

Positive test for fecal occult blood

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