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- RETURN PRECAUTIONS: Return immediately to the emergency department or see/call your doctor if you feel worse, weak or have changes in speech or vision, are short of breath, have fever, vomiting, pain, bleeding or dark stool, trouble urinating or any new issues.  Return here or see/call your doctor if not improving as expected for your suspected condition.

- FOLLOW-UP CARE: Call your doctor and/or any doctors we referred you to for more advice and to make an appointment.  Do this today, tomorrow or after the weekend.  Some doctors only take PPO insurance so if you have HMO insurance you may want to contact your HMO or your regular doctor for referral to a specialist within your plan.  Either way tell the doctor’s office that it was a referral from the emergency department so you get the soonest possible appointment.  

- YOUR TEST RESULTS: Take result reports of any blood or urine tests, imaging tests and EKG’s to your doctor and any referral doctor. Have any abnormal tests repeated.  Your doctor or a referral doctor can let you know when this should be done.  Also make sure your doctor contacts this hospital to get any test results that are not currently available such as cultures or special tests for infection and final imaging reports, which are often not available at the time you leave the ER but which may list additional important findings that are not documented on the preliminary report.  

- BLOOD PRESSURE: If your blood pressure was greater than 120/80 have your blood pressure rechecked within 1 to 2 weeks.

- MEDICATION SIDE EFFECTS: Do not drive, walk, bike, take the bus, etc. if you have received or are being prescribed any sedating medications such as those for pain or anxiety or certain  antihistamines like Benadryl.  If you have been give one of these here get a taxi home or have a friend drive you home.  Ask your pharmacist to counsel you on potential side effects of any new medication

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