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- You received IV contrast for the CT scan we did today.  On rare occasions IV contrast can cause damage to your kidney.  This usually is not detectable for at least 2 days and if it occurs it usually resolves within 2 weeks.

- Many health care providers falsely believe that after IV contrast you only need to stop metformin for 48 hours.  This is incorrect.  If you are told this, you should ignore it.

- You can take your metformin today, but after that do not take it until your doctor rechecks your kidney function and tells you it has not worsened.  This testing should be done 3-5 days from now.  Taking metformin with decreased kidney function can be deadly.

- Call your doctor today or tomorrow for more advice and to see if he or she wants to start you on a substitute medication for your diabetes for the time being.

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