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What clinicians say
about Dilato

  • Long live Dilato, what a useful application!!! Thanks

    Dr. Jean-Philippe Lacroix, Dermatogist
  • Dilato is absolutely amazing! I’m a family physician and I use this product for charting and note storage. I regret not knowing about such a product sooner as it has made me so much more efficient and has turned charting into much less of a chore.

    Dr. Adam Choquette-Fuks, Family physician
  • Very satisfied with Dilato! A fast and efficient app for clinical notes.

    Dr. Karine Fortier, Family physician
  • One of the best medical tools, with hundreds of templates, customizable to fit your own medical practice. [...] Easy-to-use and complete, easy to share, easy creation….. easy-going… just amazing.

    Dr. Doina Sitaru, Family physician
  • I have been using Dilato from the start. I regularly add templates, so that nothing is missing in my questionnaires and exams. This can seem automatic, but my records are thorough. A tool I cannot do without. With the exponential amount of medical knowledge nowadays, it's expected physicians know everything perfectly. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Dilato can help close this gap, if we put some energy into adapting templates to our needs. We can also share templates with friends.

    Dr. Paulo Lopes, Family physician, Mont-Royal Medico-Center
  • I love Dilato, it saves me a lot of time in my work days! I recommend it to all healthcare professionals :)

    Julie S., Nurse
  • Great app. Increases speed to make full and detailed notes.

    Krystelle R., RN
  • Dilato allows you to have a full note in a short time.

    Mylène L., RN
  • I have been using the app since the arrival of EMRs, I couldn't do without it.

    Dr. Marie-Claude Dionne, Family physician
  • Dilato allows you to make better and faster notes!

    Dr. Maude Allard, Dermatologist
  • Dilato allows the creation of templates for multiple uses. Whether in my EMR or in the hospital EHR, it follows me in all areas of my practice!

    Dr. Marie-Andrée Savard, Family physician
  • I recommend Dilato to every doctor! Dilato has helped me a lot with finishing my notes quickly. I couldn't work without it anymore. Recommend it 100%. It's fast to get started, so you save time right away. The process of creating templates is easy. I love their dropdowns and boxes I can check. My EMR also has templates but I prefer to use Dilato, because it's simpler to build templates and I can insert dot phrases in any fields in the EMR.

    Dr. Emilie Thibault, Family physician

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