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  • Rheumatology

Gout handout


restrict intake of food high in purines, especially organ meats (liver, brain, kidneys, sweetbread), shellfish and tinned fish (sardines, anchovies, herrings), game, pork

reduce your intake of alcohol, especially beer and red wine

reduce or cease intake of sugary, fizzy soft drinks and fruit juices that contain fructose

eat a normal, well-balanced diet

drink plenty of waterβ€”at least 2 litres a day

maintain a normal weight, but avoid β€˜crash’ diets

wear comfortable shoes

get regular exercise.



take your worries to bed

exercise too strenuously

overexpose yourself to cold

drink excessive amounts of alcohol (keep to a modestlevel only, e.g. 2 standard drinks a day maximum)

drink fizzy, sugary soft drinks and fruit juices withfructose.



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