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COPD action plan

Action plan for COPD flare-ups:

If change in sputum color, start antibiotic:

- ο»Ώ

If first antiobic has been taken in the last 3 months, start this antibiotic:

- ο»Ώ

If worsening shortness of breath:

- increase usage of inhaler: ο»Ώ

If shortness of breath not better with increased inhaler, start oral steroid:

- Prednisone ο»Ώ


1st-line antibiotic for uncomplicated/simple exacerbation

2nd-line for complicated exacerbation or if no improvement with 1st-line antibiotic


Uncomplicated exacerbation: < 65 years old, FEV1 > 50%, < 4 exacerbations/year, no significant comorbid disease

Complicated exacerbation: O2-dependant, cardiac disease, pulmonary cancer, long-term use of corticosteroid, antibiotic in last month


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