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Ethanol Intoxication

You were seen in the emergency department (ED) for intoxication. We evaluated you and monitored you until you appeared safe to go home. We are concerned that your alcohol use puts you at risk for health problems (such as liver failure) and injury to yourself or others.

Steps to take at home:

Never operate motor vehicles while intoxicated, as this endangers yourself and others

You may feel nauseous or tired tomorrow; please stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet

If you choose to drink alcohol, please do so in moderation and in accordance with local laws. The US Dietary Guidelines recommend that only non-pregnant adults consume alcohol. Women should limit their alcohol to one standard drink daily and men should limit their alcohol to two standard drinks daily. For more information on calculating a standard drink, visit: niaaa.nih.gov/what-standard-drink

Follow up with your primary care doctor within 1 week to discuss your alcohol use and symptoms

The fact that you were treated in the ER for alcohol intoxication is concerning. Many people in the US struggle with overuse of alcohol and we are here to support you if that is the case. If you would like confidential help with a drinking problem, we urge you to reach out to the resources below:

National Confidential Hotline for Alcohol and Substance Use Resources: (800) 662-4357

Alcoholics Anonymous: AA.org or (212) 870-3400 to find local chapters

Please speak to your doctor or come back to the ED for new symptoms, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, bloody vomit, black stool, yellowing of the eyes/skin, or other new or worsening symptoms. Please review medication inserts for side effects and call the ED if you have any questions about the medications or care you received.

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