Switching from old Dilato to new Dilato (beta)

Switching from old Dilato to new Dilato (beta)

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Why we are building a new app

We felt that the old app could not bring you the great user experience we think you deserve. We wanted to make Dilato this amazing app we had in our mind, and that was not possible with the old app.

Why you may switch to the new Dilato ✨

  • You can use the new Dilato on both Mac and Windows, with the same experience.
  • All new features will be available only in the new Dilato. The old app is not updated anymore.

Animation of how the new Dilato looks

What to expect when switching to the new Dilato

When you first log in with the new Dilato, use the same username and password as the old app. A new account will be created and all your templates from the old app will be imported securely. After the first login, your data will not synchronize anymore from old to new app (and vice versa).

In the new app, you'll find many features from the old app:

  • Personal templates
    • All your templates are imported.
    • A General folder will be created to store the templates that were previously in no folder.
  • Alt+X is now Ctrl+Space on Windows and ⌥Space on Mac
    • Use it to open the template list.
  • Autocomplete box
    • Is now the Search window.
    • Press Ctrl+Space on Windows and ⌥Space on Mac to open the new autocomplete box.
  • Shortcuts to open templates from your EMR
  • Built-in templates, which are now called the Library
  • Exams window is now Physical exam template
    • We constantly work on improving it.
  • Review of systems template is now Symptoms checklist template
    • We constantly work on improving it.
  • Proxy parameters
    • Most CLSC and hospitals require proxy.
  • GPO .msi installer
    • For IT departments.

Features we plan to bring to the new app

These will be available in the new app:

  • Automatic Abbreviations (htn → HTN)

  • My Items will be adapted into Listbox

    • Can be inserted into templates
  • Shared templates

  • Group templates

  • Wikilato (public templates)

Have a look at our Roadmap

How to switch to the new Dilato

Simple! Download Dilato, then install it and log in with your current email and password. Do not create a new account. If you forgot your password: https://www.dilato.ca/changermotpasse.php

Visit our Help Center to learn more.

Can I keep on using the old app?

Yes! If you change your mind or feel like you are not ready yet for the big change, keep on using the old app. We plan to continue supporting the old app for the next 6 months.

Ready to make the switch?

Download the new Dilato