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What is Dilato?

Dilato is an app to help you write your EMR notes painlessly. Using a template is as easy as filling out a form. Fill in the fields and type text anywhere. Then, Dilato pastes a fully personalized note into your EMR. This way, you’re done with your patient notes in no time.

Open templates instantly, in any EMR

Dilato’s shortcuts and dot phrases work across all applications on your computer. Type a shortcut in any field of your EMR to pull a Dilato template.

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The Pap smear report shows  
. Patient’s questions answered.I will schedule patient for  
HPV-DNA testing

Create templates your way

Creating a template is as simple as writing a document. Turn your text dot phrases into forms by inserting fields anywhere in the text. It’s then simple to personalize a patient note after each encounter.

Patient denies
Chest pain
This is a
risk procedure.
Review of systems
Abdominal pain
Change in stools
Blood per rectum
Weight loss
The pain started:
days ago.
Text field

Get started with 500+ premade templates

Explore our library of templates. Save those you like. Customize them to fit your needs, so you don’t have to start from scratch.Explore our library

Dilato works on top of any EMR

Pull templates directly from your EMR. Dilato can interact with any applications on your computer. No integration is needed and you don't have to copy-paste.

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7,200+ physicians are documenting
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  • Long live Dilato, what a useful application!!! Thanks

    Dr. Jean-Philippe Lacroix, Dermatogist
  • Dilato is absolutely amazing! I’m a family physician and I use this product for charting and note storage. I regret not knowing about such a product sooner as it has made me so much more efficient and has turned charting into much less of a chore.

    Dr. Adam Choquette-Fuks, Family physician
  • Very satisfied with Dilato! A fast and efficient app for clinical notes.

    Dr. Karine Fortier, Family physician
  • One of the best medical tools, with hundreds of templates, customizable to fit your own medical practice. [...] Easy-to-use and complete, easy to share, easy creation….. easy-going… just amazing.

    Dr. Doina Sitaru, Family physician

The simplest way to write notes.

Quickly find templates from any app

Search Dilato templates from any application using a single hotkey. Thus, you don't need to remember all your shortcuts.

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Make Dilato your second brain

It's impossible to remember everything in today's medicine. By adding notes from medical education, your templates feed you with point-of-care clinical guidance. Your knowledge, always at fingertips.

Work anywhere

Dilato works where you do and complements any EMR. Your templates sync across Windows, Mac, and Web. Because no one likes to have their data locked in EMRs.

Compatible with Windows, macOS and web browsers

Never let key details slip through the cracks

No more waking up at night and realizing you forgot to check for red flags. Templates act as checklists and reminders to ensure your assessments are always thorough. You'll enjoy peace of mind.

Dilato acting as a visit checklist

Increase your revenue

Pay only 1% of the cost of a scribe or 25% of the cost of Dragon Medical. We think you should save that hard-earned money.

Comply with documentation rules

With Dilato, you are sure your notes are always thorough, legal-proof, and compliant with billing.

Share and collaborate with friends

Get inspired from templates shared by other users. Working together is always best.

Compatible with Windows, macOS and web browsers

Keep your data safe and secure

100% HIPAA compliance. Dilato does not store any patient information, so you don’t have to worry about security or BAA agreements.

Boost your efficiency

Get more productive without working harder or sacrificing note quality.

Eliminate after-work charting.

Dr. Charles Tanguay
Many physicians spend hours charting every day. I’ve been there, I know what they feel. EMR documentation has become a leading cause of burnout. That’s why I built Dilato — to help you complete your notes on time. You will save 5 hours every week, which you can spend the way you want it. I’d love for you to give it a try.
Dr. Charles Tanguay
Founder of Dilato
50%less time spent on charting
5 hourssaved each week on average
25,000templates used every week
100,000templates created by our users

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